Have I told you olive you? <3

Introducing the pure olive oil line!

Finding natural skincare can be complicated enough but adding in allergies/sensitivities to ingredients you find in almost every product and it becomes a nightmare.

"Olive You" soap is 100% Olive Oil cold process soap, meaning there are no nut oils whatsoever. This is a great option for those who cannot use nut products. "Olive You" also only uses Essential Oils to ensure those with sensitive skin are less likely to become irritated.

Good face bar*

Coconut Oil Free*

Nut Oil Free*

Turmeric powder for colorant*

Strong essential oil *


*** We do not claim to cure or treat anything**

Processed around nut oils*** although we take extra precaution with cross contamination those with severe nut allergies cannot be guaranteed safe.

Olive You, Essential Orange + Juniper - Soap Bar

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$6.80Sale Price
  • Olive Oil

    Distilled Water

    Sodium Hydroxide (Lye)

    Essential Juniperberry Oil

    Essential Orange Oil

    Poppy Seeds

    Turmeric Powder