No Doo Shampoo!

Shampoo  Soap Bars do not contain harsh surfactants like sulfates and chemicals like parabens, Save water, no plastic eco-friendly!


Some people have claimed shampoo bars can increased volume, faster-growing hair, reduced dandruff, shinier hair, and less frizz. If you have curly hair, most people say that they have more defined curls with better control. Shampoo bars are good for all hair types and hair lengths. (Although our shampoo bar trial showed short and thick haired individuals did better than long fine fair due to tangling). Shampoo bars feel and act different than bottled artificial surfactant shampoo and are best used with an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse.



We do not claim to treat or cure anything. All products are handmade and may differ fromt shape/smell/weight. 

Shampoo Soap Bar

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  • Coconut Oil

    Olive Oil

    Palm Oil

    Castor Oil

    Sodium Hydroxide

    Essential Lavender Oil

    Essential Rosemary Oil

    Essential Peppermint Oil

    Essential Tea-Tree Oil