Creamy Vanilla, Oats and Shea Butter, an eczema suffers dream.

Vanilla Cardamom Latte Cold Processed Bar has 3 ingredients for scent - Essential Vanilla; Ground Madagascar Vanilla and Cardamom which is upcycled from Vegas's local Stinky Beans Coffee Roasters.

This soothing combination of shea butter and oats is the perfect bar for getting clean and staying hydrating.


No colorants*

Medium Essential oils



** We do not claim to treat or cure anything**

Each batch is handmade so color/shape/weight may differ per

Vanilla Cardamom Latte -Essential Blend Soap

  • Olive Oil

    Palm Oil (Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil purchase)

    Coconut Oil

    Shea Butter

    Ground Oats

    Ground Vanilla Bean

    Ground Cardamom

    Distilled Water

    Sodium Hydroxide (Lye)

     Essential Vanilla Oil