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What's Up, Doc?

Carrots in soap that's what!

Who knew that the antioxidant property in carrots can be beneficial not only eaten but, on the skin, too?

Perfect cleansing bar for oily, combination skin.

Orange color is achieved by using carrot purée and turmeric which can have anti-inflammatory like properties, and antibacterial like benefits.

Tea-Tree can also be beneficial to acne prone skin and has a amazing fresh clean scent.

Tea-Tree can be very drying due to its strong nature. It is best used on oily skin and/or in moderation. Discontinue if irritation occurs

*** We do not claim to cure or treat anything**

*** All benefits/properties are a helpful suggestion not fact***


Good face bar*

Coconut Oil Free*

Turmeric for colorant*

Strong essential oil *


Each batch is handmade so color/shape/weight may differ per bar. We strive to ensure each bar meets our standard of excellence every time!


What's Up, Doc? Essential Tea-Tree, Turmeric, Carrot - Soap Bar

  • Olive Oil

    Palm Oil (Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil purchase)

    Sweet Almond Oil

    Distilled Water

    Sodium Hydroxide (Lye)

    Carrot Puree

    Essential Tea-Tree Oil





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