"Pretty in Pink", the name and smell will take you back to a sweet floral memory of childhood.

This 2-tone soap is pink peony fragrance oil colored with pink kaolin, and bentonite clay topped with dried peony petals. With a light amount of sweet almond oil this bar gives it a soft lathering feel.



Pink Kaolin + Bentonite Clay colorant*

Medium fragrance oil*


Each batch is handmade so color/shape/weight may differ per bar. We strive to ensure each bar meets our standard of excellence every time!

(WS) Pretty in Pink

  • Olive Oil

    Palm Oil  (Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil purchase)

    Coconut Oil

    Sweet Almond Oil

    Distilled Water

    Sodium Hydroxide 

    Pink Peony Frangrance Oil

    Kaolin Clay

    Bentonite Clay

    Dried Peony Petals

  • Wholesale price represents 1 batch (10bars)

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    Cold pressed soap takes 4-6 weeks to fully cure (ready to use) wholesale orders are suggested to be placed in advance to allow cure time. For more information feel free to contact.  

    ( MoonFarmzInfo@gmail.com)