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Whether you’re stepping into the tub or out Bath & Body oil has your skin covered.With a variety of rich ingredients to help assist with locking in moisture, glow, relaxation, and aromatherapy Simply add a few drops to the tub or apply directly to the skin after shower/bath and enjoy. We do not claim to cure or treat anything*** Discontinue use if irritation occurs*******no CBD or THC is included in the product’s composition.Hemp Seed Oil does not contain CBD or THC.For external use only and cannot be ingested. ***Discontinue use if irritation occurs.***

Essential Bath & Body Oil

  • Apricot + JoJoba Oil

    Essential Rose Essential Chamomile Oil

    Apricot + JoJoba Oil

    Essential Grapefruit + Lavender + Calendula

    Hemp Seed

    Essential Sage. Essential Lavender Oil

    Hemp Seed

    Essential Lavender Essential Bergamot + Earl Grey

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