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Hello and welcome to MoonFarmz!

My Name is Rachel and I am Owner and Founder of MoonFarmz, a Las Vegas based small skin care business looking to grow.
In spring 2018 I began to dabble in sugar scrub formulas and a passion was found. Friends, Family, and Coworkers started requesting custom made products and a hobby soon turned into the beginning of a business. Eventually some amazing recipes for skin care were developed and I went live fall of 2019.
For those of you who are desert bound you may know the frustration of dry, eczema, and acne prone skin. With mainly commercial based products to choose from with confusing and misleading advertising it can be difficult to find clarity.
My goal is to offer a product that is not only natural, straight forward but also honest. In the hopes to offer Handmade, Vegan, and Cruelty-Free Skincare to the world.
I also make an attempt to use as little waste as possible with glass and metal containers.
-No artificial dyes -All real oils
-Every Ingredient listed
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*I/we do not claim to treat or cure anything.

Wholesale Inquiries

Brick and Mortars interested in stocking shelves with MoonFarmz products please reach out to us via email.

Las Vegas, NV,89118

Payment Methods
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