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Face Cream worthy of the gods! Okay that might be an exaggeration, but you will fall in love with the rich creamy feel of whipped Avocado Cream!


Avocado Butter and Oil is full of rich nutrients. Jojoba oil has a similar structure to the oil (sebum) your body produces making it light and less likely to clog pores.  Essential Tea-Tree oil has a refreshing clean scent making this cream the perfect choice for the face.


*** We do not claim to cure or treat anything**

*** All benefits/properties are a helpful suggestion not fact***

Tea-Tree can be very drying due to its strong nature. It is best used on oily skin and/or in moderation. Discontinue if irritation occurs.

This cream has a 1:10 dilution of Tea-Tree. 


No added fragrances***

No artificial colorants**

No Preservatives***



Store in cool dry place, avoid moisture/water in container.

Butter is made without preservatives (more natural) making the shelf life  3-6months. 


Each batch is handmade so color/shape/weight may differ. We strive to ensure each bar meets our standard of excellence every time!


Face Cream - Avocado

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$25.00Sale Price